Findikli Resort, a Place for Tourists to Escape Corona

Findikli Resort, a Place for Tourists to Escape Corona
Located in the Turkish province of Kastamonu, Findikli Resort has attracted the attention of tourists with its special conditions to prevent the contamination of the tourists with corona virus.

With its natural attractions for photography and opportunities of camping all year round, Findikli Resort in Arac town of the Turkish Kastamonu province is being widely welcomed by the tourists.
This Resort, which has turned to be one of the tourist destinations to isolate people during the coronavirus outbreak, offers a charming beauty.
At the Resort, where lacks even a guesthouse, the Arac municipality has built power and water transmission lines to meet the requirements of the nature lovers. Moreover, the Resort is also particularly suitable for those who would like to spend their holidays in caravans or tents.
Arac Mayor, Satılmış Sarıkaya, told Anadolu Agency journalist Findikli is one of the astonishingly beautiful Resorts in Turkey.
Pointing to the fact that during this pandemic, tourists' interest in resorts have increased, Sarıkaya said: "People are looking for a place to breathe. They prefer to go to secluded places instead of hotels".

Aug 3, 2020 08:39
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