Kazakhstan to Hold the New Academic Year 'Digitally'

Due to Corona Virus Spread
Kazakhstan to Hold the New Academic Year 'Digitally'
Due to corona virus pandemic, the new academic year will be held virtually in Kazakhstan.

According to ECO Cultural Institute quoting, Kazakhstan's educational institutions are planning to organize virtual training programs due to this epidemic. The modernized center of municipality of Nursultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, is planning to launch several virtual, distance learning projects. Currently, all schools in the city have signed a contract with Daryn Online and Bilimland and use modern tools and technologies and virtual courses.
Training programs are also provided for teachers to facilitate exchange of experiences and also offer methodological assistance. "We are currently working closely with Cambridge University professors to share experiences, and efforts are being made to improve teachers' knowledge," said Sander Davshiva, deputy president of the Center for Modernized Education.
Having participated in these programs, the teachers become acquainted with technical and technological innovations and at the end of the courses, the teachers will be awarded respective certificates of participation. So far, a number of 5,000 specialists have been awarded such certificates. The Modernized Education Center located in the city of Nursultan intend to hold the online program "Digital Education: Education and Experience" for 12,480 teachers in the city in August 2020.

Aug 5, 2020 08:41
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