1st "Toy Library" Opened in Kastamonou

City mayor announced:
1st "Toy Library" Opened in Kastamonou
The first toy library was opened in Kastamonu.

Once the library and kindergarten are completed, library members can borrow their favorite toys. Rahmi Galip Vidinlioğluthe, mayor of Kastamonou, said: "This library is composed of 1298 meters of closed space and 1342 meters of open space. The kindergarten, located within the toy library complex, will have five classrooms and a playroom, five bedrooms, a dining hall and a conference hall, and the capacity to accommodate 100 students."
While emphasizing that the toy library will have playrooms and conference halls, a toy storage and repair area and a professional personnel unit, the Mayor of Kastamonou added: "Along with playing with toys, here the children will also train their sharing abilities and their learning power will be enhanced.
The toy library will also help the economy significantly because the toys that other children are tired of playing with and have put them aside will be collected in this library. Therefore, the families who cannot afford to buy toys can use these objects here".

Aug 6, 2020 04:00
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