Turkmenistan National Carpet Museum Possesses 2000 Exquisite Carpets

Turkmenistan National Carpet Museum Possesses 2000 Exquisite Carpets
Located in Ashgabat, the National Carpet Museum of Turkmenistan holds more than 2,000 types of carpets.

According to the ECO Cultural Institute, quoting, these unique carpets range from the smallest carpets to the largest one with a total area of ​​301 sqm. This large carpet was woven in 2001 and was registered at the Guinness Book of Records two years later.
Rare examples of handicrafts from around the world are also kept in museum collections. Moreover, the museum has a repairing unit wherein professionals attend to repairing old carpets, some of which have 1,350,000 knots per sqm. Through the experts' efforts thousands of old carpets have been repaired in this workshop.
According to UNESCO professionals, the Turkmen carpet weaving tradition is one of the greatest achievements of the world, which has been included in UNESCO intangible heritage list and has been recognized as a symbol of Turkmen art. As a reservoir of cultural and spiritual heritage, the Turkmen Carpet Museum preserves the oldest and best examples of handicrafts of this territory.

Aug 6, 2020 07:03
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