The architectural Styles of Afghanistan through the Lens of Islamic Architecture

An article by Dr. Seyed Zia Hosseini
The architectural Styles of Afghanistan through the Lens of Islamic Architecture
Architecture means soul and meaning andwithout it, life will be meaningless.

Architecture has surrounded us and its relation to our essential and daily needs indicates its profound and precise effects on our lifestyles. Depending on time, place and social requirements, the architectural styles and techniques vary greatly.
In the most general sense, style comprise of distinctive patterns or characteristics of a work or a set of works that are completely dependent on the form of the work of art, and stylistics, is a way of categorizing artworks in a given field based on their formal similarities.
Although in the world's art and architecture, stylistics is considered an important issue, yet due to its variety, there is no clear consensus among researchers on its definition and functions. In Afghanistan, so far no research has been conducted or no book has been written about the architectural styles or their stylistics or categorization of such styles. But, the concept has been included in the scientific discussions on architecture for about half a century.
The paper at hand endeavors to explain the concept of architectural stylistics and identifies and classifies the architectural styles of Afghanistan for the first time. To this end, first the types and characteristics of research methods in the field of architecture have been discussed. 

Full text of the article (in Persian language) is available here.

Aug 10, 2020 14:09
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