Fresh Productions of Afghan Film

Fresh Productions of Afghan Film
Afghan Film will produce six documentaries in historical and social genres during 2020.

On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, the Afghan Film Director signed contracts with six independent filmmakers to produce six documentaries.

• Feature documentary "COVID-19 in Afghanistan" / Director Seyyed Massoud Eslami / Independent filmmaker;
• Feature documentary "Ruins" / Director Sami Hasib Nabizadeh / Independent filmmaker;
• Feature documentary "Kabul's Straw Sale Steet" / Hezbollah Soltani / Afghan Film Employee / Independent filmmaker;
• Feature Documentary "Jar-e Khushk Village of Baghlan" / Basheer Masham / a Graduate of the Faculty of Arts / Film in Pashto;
• Feature historical documentary "Mahmood Tarzi" / Abbas Mohammadi / Independent filmmaker;
• Feature historical documentary "Constitutional Movement in Afghanistan" / Qader Aryaee / Afghan Film Director.

Dr. Sahraa Karimi, Director of Afghan Film, also noted that making these documentaries not only enriches the filmmaking culture in the country but is also an important step towards reviving Afghan cinema, especially the production of historical, social and anthropological documentaries. Karimi also believes that the production of these six documentaries by Afghan Film is a good opportunity for entrepreneurship which has provided jobs for at least 72 filmmakers.

Aug 13, 2020 13:14
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