Latest Poetry Book by Salih Mohammad Khaliq Published

Titled "From the Fresh Wounds":
Latest Poetry Book by Salih Mohammad Khaliq Published
Titled 'From the Fresh Wounds', the nineteenth poetry book of Salih Mohammad Khaliq, the poet, researcher, translator and journalist from Balkh and chairman of the Balkh Authors Association, was published in the summer of 2020.

Published by Balkh Authors Association in 84 pages and one thousand copies, the book contains 35 lyrical poems and 4 couplets and has been printed in in Maslaki Afghan print house in Kabul. Jakfar Hosseini is the cover designer while Seyyed Ali Mousavi has done page layout. The publication costs have been paid Hamidullah Arvin, a judge and President of the General Criminal Court and Deputy to Samangan Appellate Court.
Many of the book's poems reflect the difficult times of the cities' isolation as well as issues such as patriotism and people's pains and sorrows. Having beautiful and fresh images and discoveries and a beautiful and solid language can be considered as one of the most important characteristics of these poems.
Salih Mohammad Khaliq has been working in the field of literature and poetry and is one of the most prolific poets and writers of the country. So far, he has published 32 research works including some Russian - Persian translations.
Due to his brilliant scientific, cultural and literary record, in March 2020, the governor of Balkh named him 'The Researcher of Balkh'. In 2016, the Foundation for Afghanistan Graduates awarded him the title of 'Balkh's Veteran Author' while in Spring 2017, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan awarded this poet and writer the 'Governmental Medal of Ghazi Mir Masjidi Khan'. Moreover, in August 2020, the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies awarded him the title 'Balkh's Elite'.

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