Afghan Master Calligrapher Honored

During 'Master Mohammad Mehdi Mirzaei's Night'
Afghan Master Calligrapher Honored
During a program titled 'Master Mohammad Mehdi Mirzaei's Night', Iran's cultural attaché in India honored the Afghan master calligrapher.

According to ECO Cultural Institute, quoting the public relations of the of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, present at the event were masters of the filed from Iran and India as well as literary figures from other Persian-speaking countries such as Afghanistan.
The event also hosted some outstanding Iranian master calligraphers such as Moradi, Teymouri, Rabbani, Ameli, etc., along with Indian master calligraphers including Mohammad Ahrar, Mohammad Noshad, Arman Habibi, Mohammad Ferdows Yasari, and others who also presented their artworks at the sidelines of the event.
Speaking on the program, Alireza Qazveh said that some videoclips on the activities of Afghan calligraphers were screened and part of the interviews made with Master Mirzaei were presented for the groups (Iran-India groups I & II) which were welcomed by the cultural figures of the Persian speaking countries.
He went on saying that during the two-hour-program, more than six hundred articles, artworks, photos, videoclips as well as reviews and comments of the participants in this ceremony were screened. He went on saying that there are more than four hundred artists, writers and cultural figures present in the two Iran-India groups I & II among whom, two hundred are prominent academic and higher education personalities.
Qazveh concluded his remarks saying: "These programs being organized every Friday, each with a specific theme. In the previous session of the program held last week, the first Persian poetry book of India's Dr. Belram Shakla was reviewed and next week, the program will focus on Hajj in Persian literature."

Aug 17, 2020 07:44
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