On the Demise of Gulnazar Keldi

Message of Condolence of ECI President
On the Demise of Gulnazar Keldi
The sad news of the demise of Gulnazar, the national poet of Tajikistan, the author of the national anthem of the Republic of Tajikistan, a member of the Union of Writers and holder of Rudaki State Prize, deeply saddened the cultural community of ECO member states.

In 1969, Gulnazar appeared on the scene of Tajikistan literature with a poetry book titled "Rasmi Sarbozi" ("Self-sacrifice") and with the same book, he proved to that he has fresh things to say.
During the years to come, the novel poet published other books including Dastarkhon, Nardbon, Agba, Pahno, Langar, Pay Daryo, Chashmi nigin, Tabhol, To va Khoobi va Ranai and several others which were warmly welcomed by literary circles both withing Tajikistan and abroad. His poems have been translated to many world languages and published in different countries. His 'Zabone Oshiqi' (the language of love) was published in Tehran a few years ago.
This 75-year-old, outstanding, eloquent poet, author of brilliant poems and the true heir of contemporary luminaries, passed away today.
I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to all the cultural community of Tajikistan and his fans. My thoughts and prayers are with his family members and relatives in their time of grief. May the deceased rest in peace.

Sarvar Bakhti
President of ECO Cultural Institute


Aug 18, 2020 07:53
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