New Chapter of ECI & Niavaran Cultural Center Collaborations Begins

Signing an MoU by Sarvar Bakhti & Ebadreza Eslami:
New Chapter of ECI & Niavaran Cultural Center Collaborations Begins
In order to facilitate, strengthen and expand arts and cultural and interactions between the two organizations, a new chapter of cooperation between the ECO Cultural Institute and Niavaran Cultural Center commenced on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 with the signing of an MoU by Sarvar Bakhti and Ebadreza Eslami Kolai at the headquarters of this international organization.

According to the ECO Cultural Institute, in his speech on the sidelines of the signing of this MoU, Sarvar Bakhti referred to the effective role of major arts and cultural centers of ECO member states in planning and organizing arts and cultural events at this international organization and said: "It is my pleasure that during my tenure at the ECO Cultural Institute, the first MoU of cooperation was signed with Niavaran Cultural Center which could pave the way for establishing extensive interactions among the artists of this ancient region".
‎Continuing his remarks, the president of the ECO Cultural Institute also stressed: "Our joint activities can contribute greatly to the stabilization of various arts and cultural activities among the ECO member states in the future." 
Further at the meeting, Ebadreza Eslami Kolaee also emphasized that the Niavaran Cultural Center intends to organize events in the fields of arts, culture and history during the new chapter of its activities to be participated by the prominent artists of the ECO region and thus play a substantial role in cultural interactions of the ancient. "I hope that such MoUs will result in the better promotion of the prominent contemporary figures of the ECO member countries in the fields of arts and culture across world", he added.
It is worth mentioning that in addition to the president of the ECO Cultural Institute and the director of the Niavaran Cultural Center, Dr. Hassan Dolatabadi, a celebrated author and director of performing arts, was also present at the meeting.
Organizing webinars, conferences and joint arts and cultural meetings to be attended by arts and cultural figures, collaboration in holding educational workshops to be attended by the outstanding professors and teachers, carrying out joint arts and cultural weeks in Niavaran Cultural Center and also in the member states of ECO Cultural Institute, cooperation in the implementation of joint arts and cultural activities in the areas of literature, poetry, music, drama, visual arts, film as well as traditional handicrafts using the existing hardware and software capacities to promote the cultural commonalities of the ECO countries were among the issues agreed upon for joint cooperation between ECO Cultural Institute and Niavaran Cultural Center.


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