Iranian Music in Farhang Sharif's Viewpoint

Iranian Music in Farhang Sharif's Viewpoint
Iran's well-known musician Farhang Sharif who had skillfully improvised works of arts by the Iranian musical instrument the Tar could be regarded as one of the fantastic players in the classic music of Persian culture.

According to ECO Cultural Institute quoting September 7 marks the demise anniversary of Farhang Sharif who was one of the skillful Tar players in Iran.
Born in the northern part of Iran on March 24, 1931, the artist was brought up by a music lover family.
It is interesting to know that he started participating in the art class at the age of four.
He was influenced by celebrated musicians, namely Neidavoud and Abolhossein Shahbazi.
He was only 12 when he played on his own in a live radio program that was a valuable experience.
One of the most impressive works of Sharif is called the Peyvand-e Mehr album that is accompanied by the fascinating voice of maestro Mohammad Reza Shajarian.
Having created numerous works, he attracted the attention of the audience in foreign countries and held various countries overseas.
The artist who had created the important work ‘Bazm-e Ashegan' could receive grade 1 in arts that is equivalent to a doctorate degree.
Farhang Sharif was laid to rest at 85 in the capital city of Tehran but his memorable works will always touch the hearts of those who are passionate about music.


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