'Kheradgan' Publications Releases Tajik Poet's Book in Iran

'Kheradgan' Publications Releases Tajik Poet's Book in Iran
Kheradgan Publications located in Tehran has published a book by the contemporary Tajik poet Abdul Jabbar Soroush.

According to ECO Cultural Institute quoting Tajiki Section of Seda-ye Khorasan Radio, Safar Abdullah, a Tajik scholar living in Kazakhstan and a member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature, said this is the second poetry book by Abdul Jabbar Shah Ahmad known as 'Soroush' that is being published in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The first collection of poems by this Tajik poet titled "Tree, Dawn and the Mirror" had been published earlier in Iran.
Other books such as 'cries of the dynasty of silence', 'loneliness island', 'dew of the breath', 'cry of memories', 'the white cross' and 'hear out the reed' written by this Tajik poet have also been published in Tajikistan.
Abdul Jabbar Soroush has also published the book on the interpretation of Kamal Khujandi's poems, containing 17,000 words.
According to him, it has taken him twenty years to research Kamal Khujandi's poems and publish this book.

Sep 16, 2020 06:03
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