Sarvar Bakhti's Sincere Conversation with Afshin A'laa

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Sarvar Bakhti's Sincere Conversation with Afshin A'laa
On September 15, 2020, Sarvar Bakhti, the President of the ECO Cultural Institute, met with Afshin A'laa, an outstanding Iranian poet and author.

According to ECO Cultural Institute, at the meeting held in a very cordial atmosphere, Afshin A'laa called Tajikistan 'his second home' and cherished the presence of Sarvar Bakhti as the president of the ECO Cultural Institute.
While appreciating Afshin A'laa's love towards Tajikistan, Sarvar Bakhti elaborate upon the interest of all nations of the ECO region in Persian poetry and literature and stated: "Literature is the historical bond of all the nations of the region."
Further, the ECI president pointed to the significance of culture and tourism from the standpoint of promoting ‘cultural tourism' and added: "The role of prominent artists such as Mr. Afshin A'laa in tourism management can facilitate the development of cultural tourism in the Islamic Republic of Iran."
Elsewhere at the meeting, Afshin A'laa also welcomed ECI's plans and projects devised to expand cultural tourism among ECO member countries under the supervision of Mr. Sarvar Bakhti, and reiterated: "As a representative of the Deputy Minister for Tourism Affairs of Iran's Free Zones Organization, I support the expansion of cooperation among ECO countries to realize the concept of cultural tourism."
It is worth mentioning that in response to a question posed by the media advisor to ECI president on the reasons why the ECO countries, particularly the Persian-speaking ones, do not travel to one another countries, Afshin A'laa stated: "I am sure that if connections are established and information is disseminated properly, the tourists from ECO member states, particularly the Persian-speaking ones, will definitely prefer to visit Iran's tourist attractions rather than other places."

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