'Cultural Tourism' on Isfahan-ECI Agenda

At the Meeting of Joint Cooperation was Approved:
'Cultural Tourism' on Isfahan-ECI Agenda
On Monday, September 14, 2020, the first meeting of the High Council for Joint Cooperation of ECI and Isfahan was held at the headquarters of ECO Cultural Institute.

According to ECO Cultural Institute, present at the meeting were Sarvar Bakhti, President of this international organization; Dr. Seyed Komail Tayebi, President of ECO Science Foundation; Seyed Hossein Ghazi Asgar, Deputy Governor of Isfahan for Coordination of Economic Affairs; Alireza Salarian, Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs In Isfahan; Dr. Farahnaz Rafeh, President of Iran National Carpet Center; Ziaei, Chairman of the Joint ECI-Isfahan Committee for Tourism Cooperation; Iman Hojjati, Director of International Affairs of Isfahan Municipality; Representative of the Chairman of the Tourism Commission in Isfahan Chamber of Commerce and Heydar Sadeghi, Deputy to the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts & Tourism Organization. 
During his speech at the meeting, Sarvar Bakhti, the President of this international organization, welcomed the members of the Council and elaborated upon the policies devised to develop cultural tourism among ECO member states during the incumbent tenure at the ECO Cultural Institute, and said: "As the first practical step in this respect, the next issue of the international magazine 'ECO Heritage' will be dedicated to promotion of all tourism facilities in Isfahan".
Then Ghazi Asgar, Deputy Governor of Isfahan for Coordination of Economic Affairs, appreciated the initiative taken by Sarvar Bakhti for the development of cultural tourism among the ECO member countries, and underlined: " As a symbol of Iran's tourism, Isfahan is ready to fully cooperate with ECI in the framework of the Institute's tourism policies".
In another part of the program, Tayebi, the president of the ECO Science Foundation, made some remarks expressing his support over ECI's plans and program for the development of cultural tourism among the member states. He then added: "The ECO Science Foundation is also ready for cooperation with ECI to promote scientific and academic tourism".
The next speaker of the meeting was Mr. Salarian, the Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Isfahan, who appreciated Sarvar Bakhti's efforts for the expansion of activities in the framework of public diplomacy in ECO region and emphasized: "The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports ECI's measures for the development of friendly interactions among the nations of the region based on cultural commonalities."
Dr. Farahnaz Rafeh, Head of Iran National Carpet Center, also spoke at the meeting on the necessity of devising some plans and programs focusing on carpet-related activities among ECO member countries and added: "Mr. Sarvar Bakhti's initiative for the development of cultural tourism is very promising." She went on saying that Iran National Carpet Center is ready to conduct joint programs with ECI.
It is worth mentioning that Mohammad Mahmoudi, the Media Advisor to the President of ECO Cultural Institute and the secretary of the meeting, and Dr. Ziaei, the Chairman of the Joint ECI-Isfahan Committee, presented comprehensive reports on the status of ongoing affairs and future plans which was followed by the unanimous approval of some practical measures.
Besides governmental authorities and state officials, present at the meeting were representatives of the private sector including heads of Isfahan hotels and handicrafts unions, travel agencies and service sectors as well as the founders of Isfahan Healthcare City and beauty tourism section.

Sep 17, 2020 10:14
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