ECI Holds Int'l Meeting 'Shahriyar in the Horizon of Literature & Poetry of ECO Region'

Participated by Poets from Four Countries
ECI Holds Int'l Meeting 'Shahriyar in the Horizon of Literature & Poetry of ECO Region'
On Thursday, September 17, concurrent with the National Day of Persian Literature and Poetry and Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Shahriyar's commemoration, ECO Cultural Institute organized an international meeting titled "Shahriyar in the Horizon of Literature and Poetry of ECO Region".

According to ECO Cultural Institute, at the virtual meeting held at 20:00 PM, Sarvar Bakhti, the president of ECO Cultural Institute, termed Shahriyar one of the pioneers of Iran's literature and went on saying: "Shahriyar's works, particularly his odes and divans, have been translated and published in ECO countries many times. Those interested, read these works with love and passion while some musicians have composed pieces of music from his most passionate poems".
Bakhti further congratulated all the enthusiasts of literature and poetry around the world on this day, and said: "The literature and language of this territory is known from the east to the west and such fame has been an honor for it's people. All of the words of the celebrated personalities of the region reflect wisdom and common sense, benevolence, harmlessness, self-interest and caring for others' interest, prosperity, trust in a brighter future, good neighborliness and peaceful coexistence. These works have also left a positive, lasting effect on the culture of other regions."
The next speaker of the event was Askar Hakim, a celebrated poet of Tajikistan, who congratulated all world's Persian speakers on the occasion of the Persian language Day and stated: "Persian language holds a very lofty position in the spread and thriving of human culture; Therefore, it is dear to all the peoples of the world."
Further, Afshin Alaa, a well-known Iranian poet and author, called selecting Shahriyar's Day as the National Day of Poetry and Literature 'a good choice' and added: "I had the privilege to see the late Ms. Simin Behbahani, the lady of contemporary poetry and lyric , who considered the poem I had composed in mourning for my mother as similar to Master Shahriyar's poem 'Oh my mother'. Poetry is the great bond of all the poets of the ECO region, and the teachings of our great poets in each era convey messages." He then expressed hope that the sacred fire and the blazing flame of poetry would be kept alive through the unity of the poets of the ECO Region.
Seyed Ahmad Hosseini, known by his pen name 'Shahriyar', and one of the famous poets of Pakistan and lady Mahtaab Saahel, the renowned poetess of Afghanistan, also read poems at the program.

Sep 18, 2020 10:51
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