Sarvar Bakhti :"Abu Rayhan's Life, A Symbol of the Unity of ECO Countries"

Underlined at the Virtual Event:
Sarvar Bakhti :"Abu Rayhan's Life, A Symbol of the Unity of ECO Countries"
Concurrent with the National Day of Commemoration of Abu Rayhan Biruni, the ECO Cultural Institute held a virtual meeting to recognize the heritage of Abu Rayhan Biruni's intellectual and scholarly legacy.

At the virtual event held on Thursday, September 3, 2020, Sarvar Bakhti talke about Abu Rayhan's lasting works and his lofty position across the ECO region and said: "Numerous encyclopedic and academic articles have been written on Biruni and about him. Examination of these scholarly papers indicate that the influential personality of this renowned scholar and polymath has developed based on professional ethics and scientific methodology.
While highlighting that the intellectuals of the ECO region play a special role in reflecting the common cultural identity of the ECO countries, the ECI president continued: "Biruni's most outstanding personality trait in the fields of science and culture is that he has live in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Iran and Afghanistan and in each of these countries of the ECO region, he has conducted research works. Today, Abu Rayhan Biruni is the center of convergence and increasing unity of the countries of ECO region.
The next speaker was Dr. Seyyed Hojjat ul-Haq Hosseini, a researcher and university professor, who talked about the style and characteristics of Biruni's language and discourse through elaborating upon his biography. Hosseini further said that specific features of Biruni's works such as simplicity, conciseness and load of Persian words as compared to Arabic ones are the impressions of Pahlavi style and stated: "Using short phrases is one of the prominent features of the style of Biruni's works, the best example of which is the book 'Al-Tafhim'. "Asar al-Baqiyya" in the chronology of nations are a clear example of this.
Dr. Hosseini went on introducing scientists such as Jalal Homayi, Abolghasem Ghorbani, Parviz Azkaei, Ramzi Wright and Obaidullah Karimov, and other Biruni scholars and stated: "Biruni is the first person to provide a complete methodology for research in humanities and has presented it with a rational and analytical attitude. 
Among Biruni's innovations in astronomy, geometric shapes of flowers, building world globe stand, translation of works from Arabic into Sanskrit; calculation of comparative calendar and review of timing methods; anthropology and Biruni's sociology were among other concepts discussed in this specialized meeting.

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