ECI Holds :'A Review of the Intellectual and Scholarly Legacy of Mohammad Ibn Zakariya Razi'

ECI Holds :'A Review of the Intellectual and Scholarly Legacy of Mohammad Ibn Zakariya Razi'
Concurrent with the commemoration of Mohammad Ibn Zakariya Razi and National Pharmacist Day, ECO Cultural Institute held a virtual program titled 'A Review of the Intellectual and Scholarly Legacy of Mohammad Ibn Zakariya Razi' on Thursday, August 27, 2020.

According to ECO Cultural Institute, in this specialized meeting, Dr. Seyed Hojjat-ul-Haq Hosseini, the Scientific Advisor of UNESCO in Asia, talked about the lofty intellectual and philosophical of Razi as well as the significance of basic sciences, particularly chemistry, for Zakaria Razi. Speaking about Razi studies conducted by European Orientalists and later intellectuals, Hosseini added: "Razi was mainly focused on empiricism. He is of the opinion that a philosopher must be an example and a role model for the society."
The head of the Department of Science and Technology at the General Directorate of Manuscripts and Rare Books of the National Library and Archives of Iran continued to review the sources and manuscripts of Zakaria Razi's works and concepts such as the pillars of Razi's philosophical cosmology, the foundations of Razi's rationalism and empiricism as well as Razi's achievements in medicine and chemistry.
Further at the meeting, Dr. Ehsan Moghaddas, a Razi scholar and a researcher of the history of medicine, appreciated ECI for hosting the event and discussed different aspects of Razi's life and works. He then enumerated some of Razi's most important personality traits such as trustworthiness and philanthropy and stated that he has observed this feature in compiling his collection of 'Razi's Works'. He then expressed hope that collections of works of other intellectuals of the region will also be devised and published by the researchers in the future.
It is worth mentioning that his series of book titled 'Razi's Works' include a collection of treatises, articles and books by Razi, which has compiled and corrected by Dr. Moghaddas based on the surviving manuscripts of Razi's works in the fields of medicine, alchemy and philosophy. The 14-volume collection was published in 2019 by Safir Ardahal Publications in collaboration with Nilo Berg Publications.
At the end of the meeting, the collection of books 'Razi's Works' was donated to the Diplomatic Library of the ECO Cultural Institute by Hossein Abedini, Director in Charge of Safir Ardehal Publications.

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