Afghan National Gallery Restores 200 Damaged Works

Afghan National Gallery Restores 200 Damaged Works
Artwork and artifacts from the Afghan National Gallery that were damaged during the Taliban regime have now been restored.

According to ECO Cultural Institute quoting Tolo News Agency, Sabera Rahmani, the director of Afghan National Gallery, stated that the Taliban damaged more than 200 works of the National Museum and National Gallery after blowing up the Bamiyan Buddha statues.
According to Rahmani, 29 pieces of work have been restored and some of them are now ready to be exhibited at the gallery.
Foreign artists, aided by the British Council, have lead the restoration process. Another 150 pieces are being prepared for restoration.
The officials in the National Gallery stated that the Taliban targeted and destroyed the artifacts because they depicted human faces.
"After the Buddhist statues of Bamiyan were destroyed, they [Taliban] came to the National Museum and Gallery and destroyed around 200 to 210 pieces", said Rahmani, the Afghan National Gallery director.
During this time, painters of the National Gallery tried to save the paintings containing human faces by covering them with erasable colors.
Sebghatullah Rahimi, a guide at the National Gallery, commented on one of the paintings: "It is a woman sitting on wooden stairs leading to the roof, and she is doing something. The lady was covered with colored paint; this is one of the pieces that the painters tried to save. So we removed the colored paint and revealed the figure."
Some of the works destroyed during the Taliban regime are on display in a room at the National Gallery.
While simultaneously working to restore the 29 pieces for the National Gallery, the British Council trained a number of the gallery's staff members in the restoration of artworks.
"Fortunately, the project resulted in the restoration of 29 works in three stages", said Khairuddin Ibrahim Khail, director of the National Gallery repository.
The officials of the National Gallery further stated that the institution has more than seven hundred works of art including oil paintings, miniature models, mosaics and hand embroidery. Yet more than 200 pieces were destroyed or disappeared during the civil war.

Oct 15, 2020 06:57
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