Davlatmand Kholov, 1950

On the occasion of the 70th Birth Anniversary:
Davlatmand Kholov, 1950
Davlatmand Kholov, the renowned Tajik musician and the most prominent expert in the southern folk genre of Tajik music called Falak, was born in 1950 in Dagestan village, Shourabad district of Tajikistan, to a cultured, farmer family.

According to ECO Cultural Institute quoting Hamshahrionline, his first tutors were his father Khan Mohammad and his brother Nazar Ali. He has studied at Tajikistan's School of Music and Faculty of Arts.
Kholov's first concert was broadcasted from the state-run TV of the former Soviet television in 1963 when he was 13 years old. Since being 28 years old, he has used Rumi's poems in his work and a few years back, he was awarded the Gold Medal of France during the presidency of Jacques Chirac due to the use of Rumi's poems in his music.
Just as Kholov has dedicated himself to Tajikistan's native music and Rumi's poems, he also uses contemporary poems and even holds concerts with symphony orchestras and choirs.
Davlatmand is the maestro of the Tajik Falak group and has command over Tajiki Maqams.
Tajik music consists of 6 maqams and Falak. Falak is the music of the peoples whose musical traditions and songs have passed down orally from generation to generation for centuries.
In an interview made with Kholov on Falak music, he once said: "Due to the use of mystical poetry during the period of the former Soviet Union, performance of this type of music was somewhat banned by the then government".
Davlatmand has also visited Iran several times to participate in Fajr Music Festival and has staged several performances. Some of his albums have also been released in Iran.

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