ECI President expresses grief over demise of renowned Afghan novelist

ECI President expresses grief over demise of renowned Afghan novelist
Sarvar Bakhti, President, ECO Cultural Institute, extended a condolence message on the demise of Rahnaward Zaryab, "Afghanistan's celebrated writer."

According to the ECO Cultural Institute, the full text of the message is as follows:
The demise of Professor Rahnaward Zaryab, the prolific novelist of Afghanistan, has saddened all the cultural figures of the ECO region.
It seems as if a star or even the sun set.
During his more than fifty years of career, Professor Zaryab presented lasting, unique works to the literary world.
He created valuable books which remain in the minds of literature enthusiast, including: داستان شهر طلسم شده (The story of the enchanted city), مردی که سایه‌اش ترکش کرد (The man whose shadow left him), دزد اسپ (The horse thief), باران می‌بارید (It was raining), سگ و تفنگ (The dog and the gun), مارهای زیر درختان سنجد (The snakes under the elm trees), پیراهن هاThe shirts (translation of several stories by several world authors), حاشیه‌ها (the margins) ( Collection of research studies), Sleeping Gang (collection of research studies), پایان کار سه رویین‌تن (The destiny of the three invulnerable) (collection of research studies), زیبای زیر خاک خفته (The beauty sleeping under Earth), Golnar and the mirror (novel), چه‌ها که نوشتیم What we wrote (Research studies and memoirs), دور قمر (Around the moon) and his unfinished novels were: سیب و ارستاطالیس (The apple and Aristotle), رازهای دایه پیر (The secrets of the old midwife), بیدار می‌شود سرانجام آقای سحرخیز (And finally Mr. early rise gets up)and the woman from Badakhshan .
Professor Zaryab had gained immense popularity among readers of Persian literature and the countries of the ECO region with his memorable works.
Great people like Professor Zaryab will be remembered forever.
My condolences to the family of the professor and all the literature enthusiasts.
May his soul rest in peace!

Sarvar Bakhti
ECO Cultural Institute
Tehran, December 11, 2020



Dec 11, 2020 17:35
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