ECO Poetry and Literature Department to be set up on Iran's Kish Island

In the second meeting between Sarvar Bakhti and Afshin A`laa discussed:
ECO Poetry and Literature Department to be set up on Iran's Kish Island
On November 17, 2020, Sarvar Bakhti, President of the ECO Cultural Institute, met with Afshin A'laa, a prominent Iranian poet and cultural advisor to the Managing Director of Kish Free Zones Organization (KFZO).

According to ECO Cultural Institute, at the meeting Sarvar Bakhti, while expressing his satisfaction to meet Afshin Alaa once again, expressed hope that his presence in Kish Free Zone will provide an opportunity to turn the beautiful island into a poetry and literature center of ECO region.
The president of ECO Cultural Institute also referred to ECI`s plan to promote "cultural tourism" as one of the important baselines for promoting peace and friendship among the ECO member states and reiterated that the potential cultural tourism attractions of ECO member countries can be used to create stronger bond among them.
Appreciating the standpoint of the president of the ECO Cultural Institute, Afshin A`laa, said: "The ECO Cultural Institute under the supervision of Mr. Sarvar Bakhti will certainly have a very bright future ahead."
Elsewhere at the meeting, A'laa viewed the idea to launch the ECO Poetry and Literature Department in the Kish Free Zone promising and continued: "Certainly, the Kish Free Zone can host cultural events and serve as a center for attracting tourists from neighboring countries, especially from ECO member states."
In this meeting, proposals such as launching the Iqbal Lahori Literary Award on the island were raised and were welcomed by both sides.

Dec 12, 2020 18:50
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