ECI–UNESCO National Commission Celebrate Khujandi’s 700th Anniversary

ECI–UNESCO National Commission Celebrate Khujandi’s 700th Anniversary
The opening ceremony of the online exhibition entitled "The Nightingale of Khujand" to commemorate the 700th birth anniversary of Kamaluddin Khujandi was held on December 19, 2020 in a collaborative effort between the ECO Cultural Institute and the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO on the Instagram page of the commission.

According to the ECO Cultural Institute, Sarvar Bakhti, president of the ECO Cultural Institute, in his opening remarks said: "Kamaluddin Khujandi was born in Khujand and settled in Tabriz. He brings together peoples from different countries, as they read and cherish his poems. He is a renowned poet and an adept Sufi leader. Khujandi is counted among the noble people of Khujand, he was courteous and good-natured and his poetry abounds with his virtue and dignity. This is what human beings need today and this is the mystery of words that is valuable in all ages".
Hojatullah Ayoubi, Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO-Iran, in his speech said: "ECO is a valuable institution that connects us with our ancestors and takes us to the common points and glorious pasts, the time when there were no borders; the time when Kamaluddin Khujandi was born in Khujand but came to Tabriz, the time when other great personalities were born in one place, studied in another place and lived in a different place, because there were no such borders and the noble scientists and literary figures travelled to different places; thereby, they would become universal. But today the world has changed. When we look back on those days, we go back to our roots, find common grounds and feel empathy. It is as if we get rid of these obstacles, intellectual boundaries and belongings and return to our true essence and this makes us feel content."
Also, Mir Hossein Zanozi, an Iranian master calligrapher, in his speech said: "Following my acquaintance with Kamaluddin Khujandi, I became interested to write some of his verses in calligraphy, so I was always looking for his poems and seeking to create nice calligraphic combinations."
"Tabriz boasts to embrace great poets like Kamaluddin Khujandi in the heart. We have greatest Iranian poets and we are proud that Kamal came to Tabriz and created a literary link between Iran and Tajikistan." He added.

Dec 21, 2020 12:54
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