MoU Signed between ECI and ICRO

MoU Signed between ECI and ICRO
A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) and ECO Cultural Institute (ECI) on Sunday, January 10, 2021, with the aim of developing cooperation between the two organizations.

According to the ECO Cultural Institute, Sarvar Bakhti, the President of ECO Cultural Institute, in his speech, thanked Abouzar Ebrahimi Torkaman, President of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) and expressed satisfaction with the signing of the memorandum and considered it as an important document for future cooperation.
He added: "Signing of this memorandum of cooperation will definitely open a bright prospective in various fields for the people of the ECO region." While stating that the memorandum contributes to establish a deep and concrete cooperation with the ICRO cultural Attachés in ECO countries, Sarvar Bakhti noted: "ECO Cultural Institute has made every effort to seize this opportunity for great achievements."
In conclusion, the President of the ECO Cultural Institute expressed hope that priority would be given to foster the preservation of a shared cultural heritage of the ECO region and to pass them proudly on to the next generation.
In his speech, the President of ICRO also emphasized: "The synergy of Iran's cultural Attachés in ECO member countries would be very beneficial."
"This huge capacity requires new space to enhance internationally", he added:
While indicating the Silk Road as one of the important joint projects of ECO member countries, Ebrahimi Torkaman further said: "Many ECO countries are along the Silk Road, so the heritage of the Silk Road should be viewed as a joint project of ECO member countries."
He also continued that ECO member countries have a valuable contribution in transmitting culture through the Silk Road and added: "We try to protect the common heritage that our ancestors bequeathed to us. Thanks to ECI and ICRO managers and experts` attempts, signing the MoU is a valuable measure which is carried out today."
In conclusion, the ICRO President expressed hope that signing the memorandum would give us an auspicious start in our efforts to expand joint activities.
It is worth mentioning that the MoU signed in the presence of a group of deputies and managers of the two organizations. The Cultural Attachés of the Islamic Republic of Iran in ECO countries also participated on line in the meeting.

Jan 17, 2021 21:01
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