The Chinese Welcome Pakistani Handicrafts

The Chinese Welcome Pakistani Handicrafts
Pakistan has attracted the attention of a large number of Chinese businessmen.

According to the ECO Cultural Institute, quoting the Independent News Pakistan, a recent report by China Economy Net shows that Pakistani handicraft products have attracted the attention of a large number of Chinese traders.
In a webinar held in January 2021 on the expansion of trade relations between Pakistan and China, a number of Pakistani handicraft companies introduced their handicraft products that fit the Chinese market. These products mainly include: jewelry, ornaments, leather products, wooden products, copper products, jade products, pottery, clothing, home decorations, hand-woven fabrics, carpets and furniture.
According to Pakistani companies participating in the webinar, such conferences provide an opportunity to gain access to larger markets, including China, during the Coronavirus outbreak. This is the second in a series of conferences hosted by the Pakistan Trade Development Organization and China International Trade Organization.


Jan 27, 2021 08:18
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