Pakistani Girl Wins World Memory Championship 2020

Pakistani Girl Wins World Memory Championship 2020
A young Pakistani girl, Emma Alam, emerged as the winner of the World Memory Championship 2020. She also broke multiple world records during this year’s championship in which 300 competitors participated from 16 countries.

Participants in the World Memory Competition were from Canada, China, the United Kingdom, South Korea, India, Vietnam, the United States, Malaysia, Algeria, Iraq, Hong Kong, Macau, Libya, Qatar, and Taiwan. In the three-day virtual competition, Pakistan team won the overall champion title, winning 13 medals and breaking four world records during the contest.
World Memory Championship (WMC) is an esteemed global contest of mind sports, where skills of intellectual ability are measured as opposed to physical sports. It was founded in 1991 by Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene to shine the global spotlight on the incredible power of human memory. Congratulating Emma Alam, Keene described her as “one of the great sporting achievers for Pakistan, a unique heroine in pandemic stricken 2020, and supreme grand world memory champion for 2020.”
Pakistani girls shine in World Memory Championships
Emma Alam was the first Pakistani to win the World Memory Championship. Over the past years, she has made her country proud in various competitions and has won countless trophies and medals. Her latest achievement made her the undisputed heroine of world memory.
"I was trying to get the best result at WMC 2020 with the support of my daily training over the last two years," says Emma. I still wonder how powerful the human memory mechanism and the infinite information storage system of the brain is.
Raymond Keene, co-founder of the World Memory Tournament, congratulated Emma on her glorious success. He called the Pakistani girl one of the greatest successful sports figures in Pakistan's history and a unique heroine during an epidemic.



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