ECI Publishes 2nd Issue of Newsletter

ECI Publishes 2nd Issue of Newsletter
The second issue of the ECO cultural newsletter was published in February 2021.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, the second issue of the ECI Newsletter, was published with the motto of “We Are Not Unaware of Each Other” in full color.
The Newsletter embodies the news about history, culture, society, literature, sport and art from the countries of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and also the ECO Cultural Institute between September to December 2020.
“Returning eleven pieces of antiquities back to Afghanistan”; “A report on the recognition of Jami in Azerbaijan”; “The cooperation between the Hermitage museum and the national museum of Iran”; “Kazakhstan the trusted partner of the united nations”; “Strengthening cultural tourism between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan”; “Celebrating the national language day of Kyrgyzstan”; “Kyrgyzstan’s support for peace in Afghanistan”; “The darts competition of women’s national team of Iran with Pakistan “; “The Asia peace film festival in Pakistan “; “Dushanbe the capital of the commonwealth community in 2021”; “Mehregan festival and Shali festival in Uzbekistan”; “Discovering the remains of an ancient temple in Turkey “; “Celebrating national language day in Tajikistan”; “Commemoration of Kamal Khojandi at ECO cultural institute”; “Hoping for peace on the night of  Yalda regional solidarity”; are some of the titles that this issue contains.
This issue of the newsletter has been published under the supervision of Sarvar Bakhti, president of the ECO Cultural Institute. Mohammad Mahmoudi is the editor in chief and Zahra Aslani the administrative manager.
The ECI Newsletter intends to illustrate a clear and promising image from the cultural events of the ECO member countries together and deliver regions cultural diplomatic massage to the diplomatic authorities, ministries, universities, scientific, educational, and cultural and tourism centers, museums, and libraries of the 10 ECO member countries and the other international organizations.
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