ECI Releases New Edition of Urdu Language Training Book

ECI Releases New Edition of Urdu Language Training Book
ECO Cultural Institute has recently published the book “Comprehensive Grammar of Urdu Language for Persian-speaking People” in line with the Institute goal to utilize the common effective equipment between the nations in the region.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, the book “Comprehensive Grammar of Urdu Language for Persian-speaking People”, written by Dr. Shahed Choudhary, was released in 330 pages while the first edition was published 17 years ago in 2003. The second edition of the book has become further enriched with the introductions of Sarvar Bakhti, the president of ECO Cultural Institute and Rahim Hayat Ghorayshi, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
The book is extremely important in terms of short supply in the field of Urdu language training to Persian speakers and the fact that it is among the academic resources required for foreign language learners, and is a response to the requirements of researchers and students who are seeking to learn Urdu language.
Emphasizing the significant role of language and literature to promote the relationship between the member countries, Sarvar Bakhti has written in the introduction: "the global and regional position of the ECO-civilized lands and developing relationships in language and culture between countries, has doubled the significance of Urdu language and has made learning it an important necessity." 
It is worth mentioning that the known publications of the ECO Cultural Institute has published various proses and poetry works from well-known poets and authors of the member countries on different scientific and literary subjects.
To order the book contact +9821 27673246.
Feb 28, 2021 01:10
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