ECI - Jundishapur University Ink MoU

ECI - Jundishapur University Ink MoU
A memorandum of understanding was signed between ECO Cultural Institute and Jundishapur University on Thursday, February 11, 2021, in the presence of the heads of these organizations, the designated head of ECO Scientific Foundation, the Governor and the representative of people of Dezful in the Islamic Consultative Assembly.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, the president of ECO Cultural Institute, Sarvar Bakhti, during his speech at the ceremony, said: “I am pleased to visit Dezful and Jundishapur University; the grandeur of the historical, natural and cultural attractions of this ancient city is great”.
He added: “Today, a memorandum of understanding was signed between ECO Cultural Institute and Jundishapur University of Dezful with the aim of comprehensive cooperation between this university and other universities in ECO member countries.”
The president of the ECO Cultural Institute stated that: "The aim of the ECI is to build a network between universities to facilitate their cooperation."
Bakhti emphasized: "The rich heritage of Jundishapur University should be preserved and introduced to the ECO region as well as the world."
He continued: "In the coming weeks, the first meeting of the rectors of universities of ECO member countries will be held, and the rector of Dezful Jundishapur University will be invited as a special guest to speak about the scientific and historical capacities of this university."
In conclusion, the President of the ECO Cultural Institute expressed: “All ECO member universities should know that the oldest university in the world is located in Dezful.”
According to the same report, Mohammad Reza Assari, the rector of Jundishapur University said at the signing ceremony in the university: “With a membership of 10 countries and a population of over 500 million people with cultural and civilizational commonalities, ECO Cultural Institute is seeking to bring these countries closer to each other.”
Assari added: “In an oppressive bipolar world, we need to reconnect with nations with which we have a lot in common, more than anything else.”
He expressed hope that the joint link between Dezful Jundishapur University and the ECO Cultural Institute would smooth the ground to begin the cooperation.
The rector of Dezful Jundishapur University of Technology continued: “We hope this cooperation will lead to cultural, scientific and economic development in the region.”
Assari went on saying: "Dezful Jundishapur University is ready to be the host of ECO member universities next year."
The Special Governor of Dezful also delivered a speech at the ceremony, saying: “Dezful's scientific, cultural, artistic and ancient capacities are notable and it`s our duty to introduce them.”
Ali Farahmandpour referred to the fact that Jundishapur University in Dezful was founded 1,800 years ago which is an honor and added: “Science is founded here and this should be introduced in the best way to the world.”
The next speaker was representative of the people of Dezful in the Islamic Consultative Assembly who stated: “The ink that the scholars use to spread knowledge is more valuable than the blood of martyrs because through their knowledge they train martyrs to defend their homeland.”
Seyyed Ahmad Avaei thanked the people who endeavored to make Dezful and its history known to the world and added: “It is an honor to have Jundishapur University with long history in Dezful; we hope to take advantage of the opportunities to introduce these capacities.”
While emphasizing the need to expand scientific convergence in the ECO region, Dr. Tayebi, the designated head of the ECO Scientific Foundation, briefed at the ceremony that his accompany with ECI President in this trip is a sign of expanding cooperation between ECO cultural and scientific institutions and stressed the consolidation of this cooperation."
It is worth mentioning that during a three-day trip to Dezful, Sarvar Bakhti, signed a memorandum of cooperation between ECO Cultural Institute and Dezful Jundishapur University while visited the natural capacities and the ancient sites of the city.
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