Reconstruction of 400- year-old Stone Houses in Antalya

Reconstruction of 400- year-old Stone Houses in Antalya
The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism is renovating 400 year-old -stone houses in Akseki, Antalya.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, quoting Anadolu News Agency, stone houses in the Sarihacilar area of Akseki, Antalya, which date back to 300 or 400 years, are being renovated by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
These old stone houses, which are also called “button houses” by the locals, attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists.
The process of reconstruction of the mentioned houses continues while preserving its original and historical theme. These houses will be restored as museums, hotels, houses and shops for the people of this region and tourists.
“Each house in the area has its own story; from the door knocker to their porch, each has its own meaning”, Akseki Mayor Ibrahim Özkan told Anadolu News Agency.
He added: to maintain these features, repair and reconstruction work is carried out with high accuracy. There are many old stone houses here. It is like a movie town and takes visitors on a journey into the depths of history. We intend to create an active place in terms of tourism here.
Jan 6, 2021 08:48
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