Tehran’s ECO Tourism Park to be Revived

Tehran’s ECO Tourism Park to be Revived
On Tuesday, April 27, 2021, Sarvar Bakhti, President of the ECO Cultural Institute, met with Dr. Seyed Jalaleddin Alavi, Director General of Multilateral and International Economic Cooperation, MFA, and Seyed Mohammad Hossein Hejazi, CEO of the Abbasabad Lands Company at the international institute with the aim of reviving the ECO Park.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, at meeting, the participants stressed on the significance of creating symbols to encourage cooperation between member countries which share common culture and civilization in the ECO region. 
In fact, the construction of ECO Park in Tehran and other ECO cities in the field of cultural diplomacy can provide the platform for the development of public relations between the nations of the region and display the symbol of unity and integrity of ECO nations. 
Apr 27, 2021 15:21
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