Ecotourism in Afghanistan

Ecotourism in Afghanistan
The country’s natural beauty and majestic mountains provide an arena for trekkers and fans of outdoor. The remote and beautiful Badakhshan province’s capital at Faisabad is the starting point for trips to Lake Shiva and the Blue Mountain, which, as the ancient world’s major source of lapis lazuli, is considered the jewel in the crown of Afghanistan. Badakhshan contains the following destinations for a traveler: 1- Faisabad, the base camp for all travelers in the region 3- Sar-e-Sang (The Blue Mountain) 4- Lake Shiva 5- The Wakhan Corridor, Great Pamir, and Small Pamir To get to Sar-e-Sang, drive to Jurm and follow the Kokcha River upstream for three hours. From Faisabad, it is a one-day journey. Lake Shiva is one of the sources for the Oxus. There is a Chaikhana, “tea house,” from which the road leads to a lake with camping area.
There is also a five-day trek to Lake Chaqmartin, which lies between Buzai Gumbad and the Yuli Pass (4,872 m) that leads to China; from Buzai Gumbad to the lake is approximately 15 km (10 miles). The Yuli Pass is also near the glacier that is considered to be the icy sources of the Oxus. It takes three days to return to Buzai Gunbad from the glacier.
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