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Uzbekistan Arts & Crafts


Silk Production

Although the production of silk fiber and making of clothes is basically automated today, almost all silkworm breeding in Uzbekistan occurs within individual farms, where most of the cocoons are still bred as they have been, perhaps, since the 4th century. Silk material for making clothes is woven out of several wound threads of fiber. On the whole, about 30,000 tons of cocoons are produced in Uzbekistan every year. The biggest silk weaving factory is in Margilan.


Uzbek Suzanne

Uzbek embroidery varies by purpose and is divided into embroidery of small household objects, and embroidery of clothes. However, the leading type of embroidery is undoubtedly Suzanne. The name is derived from the Tajik word meaning "needle". Suzanne is an embroidered piece of cloth used as a wall decoration. The biggest Suzannes are 2-3 meters long, and up to 2 meters wide. Suzanne is embroidered in the original way of filling most of the area of the piece with patterns, leaving little background. Large Suzannes are made up of fragments, which have been separately embroidered previously. The patterns of embroidery were created by artists who placed them with a sharpened straw called a "kalam". The artists knew many different styles of ornamentation, and varied them to create new combinations, with carefully chosen colors. Uzbek Suzanne may be said to be the national art form, having its own style, developed over the centuries. Every school of embroidery has its own local traits. Uzbek embroideries mainly depict the vegetable kingdom: luxuriant gardens and flower beds.While becoming familiar with Uzbek Suzannes it is impossible to find two pieces alike, in spite of the similar patterns and colors. The variety of ornamentation sand their combinations is what the art of Suzanne is based on. Today, embroidery is continuing to be developed, both in handmade and industrial forms.

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