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Kyrgyz Terme

This kind of design weaving is the most laborious. Terme means "assembled" or "prefabricated", reflecting the main technique used in the cloth manufacturing. Thicker and coarser yarns than those used for kadjara or besh keshte are taken for the warp. Warp threads, forming the pattern, are gathered together by twos on a stick (tergitch). While the cloth strip is woven, the ornamental threads are kept aside until they enter the process to form the design. Usually a one-sided patterned cloth is manufactured, although double-faced strips (eki djiuzduu) are used to form bands (djel boo) that decorate the yurt and hang down from the domed ceiling. The terme pattern is formed by the combination of two colors: red and blue, orange and brown, red and brown, blue and orange, etc.

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Terme composition always comprises one or two borders. The ornamental elements used to decorate the cloth are: tai taman (track of a foal), tailak taman (track of a colt), djolbors tynnak (tiger's claws), kara kash (black eyebrows), koshkor muiuz (sheep's horn), chychkan izi (track of a mouse), etc.This method differs from ferine cloth in that kadjary using thinner yarn. The cloth decoration necessarily includes either wide, single-colored strips interlaced with narrow ornamented ones, or wide patterned strips divided by narrow, single-colored ones. The ornament is formed by the alternation of one or several patterns, the edges laced with two or three narrow strips of some other color. The main colors are red, blue, orange, white and brown. The field is usually red and bears patterns of blue or white colors. Sometimes the field is brown and bears ornamental designs of red or blue colors. Large patterns used are: kochkor muiuz (sheep's horn), kyial (fantasy), it kuiruk (dog's tail), badam (almond), as well as elongated geometrical figures such as diamond, square, triangle, rectangle, etc. Such patterns as tarak (comb) and tumartcha (amulet) are widely used.

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