"Peoples' Friendship Day" is widely celebrated in Uzbekistan

"Peoples' Friendship Day" is widely celebrated in Uzbekistan
On July 30, many countries around the world celebrate the International Day of Friendship. It is celebrated annually in accordance with a resolution adopted on April 27, 2011 at the 65th session of the UN General Assembly.
At the initiative of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a new holiday, "Peoples' Friendship Day", has also appeared in Uzbekistan, which will be celebrated annually from July 30, 2021.
The main goals of the celebration of the "Peoples' Friendship Day " are to strengthen and further develop solidarity, tolerance, interethnic harmony and friendship between peoples, nations, states - different layers and structures of society as a whole.
President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has always paid great attention to the issues of strengthening interethnic harmony and religious tolerance in society. Work in this direction in recent years has been brought to a qualitatively new level. Currently, the promotion of peace and stability in the state is the most important factor for sustainable development and successful implementation of transformations in the political, socio-economic and humanitarian spheres, and the growth of the country's authority in the international arena.
It should be noted that from the first years of the independent development of Uzbekistan, the issues of strengthening civil harmony, interethnic and interfaith understanding in society, as well as building friendly and mutually beneficial relations with foreign countries were identified among the main priorities of state policy.
Today, in multinational and multi-confessional Uzbekistan, 137 national cultural centers and 35 friendship societies have been created, which carry out activities aimed at establishing the principles of interethnic harmony and the development of a culture of interethnic relations.
A vivid evidence of the value for Uzbekistan of maintaining and strengthening the principles of friendship between peoples are the facts of awarding state awards to many representatives of different nationalities.
In addition, in June 2021, by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the "Friendship of Peoples" badge was established. The badge will be awarded to employees of local and foreign government agencies, non-profit organizations, business entities, representatives of the social sphere and the media, as well as compatriots abroad who have made a worthy contribution to strengthening the atmosphere of friendship and harmony between representatives of all nationalities and peoples living in our country.
The National TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan broadcasts its programs in 12 languages. More than 20 television and radio programs are broadcast in the languages of the nations and nationalities living in the country.
Various events are regularly held in the country, contributing to the intensification of cultural exchange and the strengthening of dialogue between peoples and countries.
Warm and friendly relations between the peoples living in Uzbekistan are embodied in the architecture of buildings, monuments and other structures. In Tashkent, there is the Palace of Friendship of Peoples, a large sculptural composition dedicated to this theme on the square of the same name.
Success in this direction is a natural result of the national policy pursued by Uzbekistan and based on humanism and universal values.



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