National Archive of Iranian Art Opened

National Archive of Iranian Art Opened
At the latest meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Roudaki Foundation, Iran`s Minister of Culture, Abbas Salehi, expressed his concerns on the opening of the center and exchanged views on its activities.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, quoting the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the minister stated that the foundation can be an important platform for online performance including music and theater. 
He maintained: "Different cultural and artistic fields have been affected by the corona virus and the Roudaki Foundation is not an exception. If these conditions did not exist, then better conditions would have been provided in this regard.
Seyed Abbas Salehi added: "It is necessary to pay attention to how we turn threats into opportunities. What has taken place in the past year and a half would reveal its consequences in the future. 
"In this connection, online performances are part of events that took place in the context of cyberspace, which has provided an opportunity for the Roudaki Foundation to expand its experiences", he added. 
However, the Roudaki Foundation has gained a credit within the country and is able to get it abroad. This institution is an important center for online screening of art programs in various fields and its experience in online performances is remarkable.



Aug 1, 2021 18:45
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