The First Afghan Female Pianist Sets Sights on World Stage

The First Afghan Female Pianist Sets Sights on World Stage
The first Afghan professional pianist, who has just graduated from the music institute, says she aspires to perform classical music from Afghanistan on the international stage.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, Muram Abdullah has studied at Afghanistan National Institute of Music and has performed at many concerts in 10 countries, including Europe and the US.
She was five years old when she started playing the piano. She joined the music institute after she returned with her family from Egypt.
“I plan to continue my profession because it provides me a big opportunity as I am the first woman to study in this profession for 12 years at school,” she said.
 “Our concerts abroad helped foreigners gain knowledge about Afghanistan’s music. Some of them said is quite different in terms of its rhythm,” Muram Abdullah said.
She has been part of the Zohra Orchestra for the last five years, which has given her the chance to perform on an international stage.



Aug 8, 2021 12:38
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