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Issues 55 and 56 of the Russian-language quarterly "Iran Nameh"

Issues 55 and 56 of the Russian-language quarterly "Iran Nameh"
Issues 55 and 56 of the Russian-language quarterly "Iran Nameh" were published by the Iranian Cultural Center in Kazakhstan.
The list of articles in this issue includes Dr. Dinani's views on “the Existence and Drunkenness in Omar Khayyam Neyshabouri works, Turks in Egypt: Surrendering Arab Civilization on the face of Mongol Attacks by Dr. Qadir Bayev, Theoretical Foundations of the Texts of Sufi Poetry by Sufiov PhD in Linguistics from the University of Tajikistan and the Importance of Avicenna’s Philosophy for the Present and the Perspective of the Development of Tajik Philosophical Thought by Dr. Dodikhodayev PhD in Philosophy from the Tajik Academy of Sciences.
The contents of the quarterly "Iran Nnameh"  include: About the Tajik language by Mohammad Shuyev PhD in History from Tajikistan,  A review of some issues of the Journal of the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts of the Arab League, by Tojiddin Mardani PhD in Linguistics from Tajikistan, Modern Studies by Turkish Scholars on the Language and Culture of the Ancient Uyghurs, by Ablit Kamalov  a professor at Turan University, Kazakhstan, Vasu Abayev and the Linguistic Difference Between Iranian, Russian, and Western Traditions by Volts, a Canadian Iranologist and the mythical role and function of birds in the Shahnameh by Vahida Ahmadi, a professor of law and political science at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Recent struggles of the Russian Empire for sovereignty in Central Asia by Qadir Bayev PhD in History from Moscow, Resettlement in the Achaemenid Government by Kharikian Associate Professor at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia; 
It is worth mentioning that this quarterly is published with the efforts of Safar Abdullah. It has attracted a wide readership in Central Asia and the Caucasus and is a valuable resource for those studying and researching Iranian culture and civilization.
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