The Herat-educated girls competed in the global star competition

The Herat-educated girls competed in the global star competition
A group of female students in Herat province has won the International Astronomy Association’s competition.
The group, known as “Kayhaneh”, was able to be among the top five groups in the world, and the group was awarded the prize.
Amina Karimian, head of the Astronomy Group of Kayhaneh, said: The prize is a competition for a telescope with a stellar package that includes binoculars and other possibilities.
Herat-educated girls have been studying astronomy for two years. Girls learn with their backs to the limit and think beyond the earth.
“I can see the sky and the stars through a telescope,” said Safe Nafi, one of the members of the group. “Before I think about the earth, I think about the sky, and I want to understand what exists in space.”
Behnaz Azizi, another member of the group, added: “Despite the limitations that exist in our country, we think beyond the ground and want to register Afghanistan’s name in astronomy.”
Nearly two years have passed since these girls used a simple telescope to admire the cosmos and stars. They offer better possibilities and stronger telescopes in terms of progress in astronomy.
Mursal Habibi, a member of the astronomical cosmology group, stated: “If the possibilities exist, we will be able to make more progress and see the potential for progress in ourselves.”
Elnaz Osmani, another member of the group, also explained: “We want to buy telescopes and provide them with a suitable place to teach astrology. We want help from the government.”
While millions of Afghan girls have been deprived of schooling due to war and social constraints, these girls are still in search of knowledge. The problem in Afghanistan is beyond imagination.
Sep 9, 2021 16:34
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