Book Launch "Kamal-e Iqbal and the 21st Century" in Lahore

Book Launch "Kamal-e Iqbal and the 21st Century" in Lahore
The launching ceremony of the book "Kamal-e Iqbal and the 21st Century" written by Muhammad Arif Khan was held in Lahore at "Dabistan-e Iqbal" cultural center in the presence of a group of thinkers and Iqbal scholars.
According to theECO Cultural Institute ,  the event was attended by Ahmad Javid, poet and grandson of Allama Iqbal, Mian Sajed Ali, Iqbal scholar,  Jafar Ronas, Cultural Attaché and head of the House of Culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lahore, and some other thinkers, writers and those interested in Allama Iqbal attened the ceremony which was hosted by "Mian Iqbal Salahuddin", grandson of  Allama Iqbal and head of "Dabistan-e Iqbal".
In this ceremony, the speakers  stressed the importance of keeping alive the unifying and awakening personality, thoughts and ideas of Allama Iqbal. It was also emphasized that learning Persian language in Pakistan is an important factor in acquainting the young generation in this country with his precious works such as  Rumuz-i-Bekhudi رموزِ بیخودی (Hints of Selflessness), and Payam-e-Mashriq پیامِ مشرق (The Message of the East).
Oct 28, 2021 14:36
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