Sarvar Bakhti: Kish can become the youth center of ECO Region

Sarvar Bakhti: Kish can become the youth center of ECO Region
In a meeting with Mr. Afshin Ala, a prominent Iranian poet and Cultural Advisor to the President of Kish Free Zone, Professor Sarvar Bakhti, President of ECO Cultural Institute, emphasized that Kish, as one of the most beautiful islands in the region, can become the youth center of ECO member countries.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute,  at the in this cordial meeting which was held on the evening of Sunday, January 10, 2022, at the ECO Cultural Institute's Headquarters, Sarvar Bakhti noted that the presence of Mr. Afshin Ala in the Kish Free Zone is an exceptional opportunity to expand joint literary cooperation among the poets of ECO member countries.
 "ECO Cultural Institute is ready for any kind of cooperation in promotion of cultural commonalities in partnership with Kish." he added. 
Also, Mr. Afshin Ala thanked the President of the ECO Cultural Institute for the warm and friendly cooperation and spoke about his memories of his visit to Tajikistan.
 "Poetry and literature are part of the life of the Tajik people." he said.
Cultural Advisor to the President of the Kish Free Zone, further elaborated on  some proposed programs for joint cooperation with the ECO Cultural Institute, such as inauguration of ECO Poetry Office in Kish, naming Kish squares and streets after regional luminaries, awarding citizenship of Kish Island to artists of ECO member countries, establishment of ECO Tourism Agency and establishment of  the first Allama Iqbal award as the award for the best poet of ECO region in Kish for the upcoming year. 
He expressed hope that with the increase of cooperation between the two sides, Kish will become the youth center of the ECO region."
It is worth mentioning that Mr. Mirfendereski, one of the calligraphy masters of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was also present at this meeting, who expressed the interest of Iranian calligraphers to increase relations with artists in the ECO region.
Jan 13, 2022 13:36
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