ECI participates in UNESCO Martial Arts Committee meeting

ECI participates in UNESCO Martial Arts Committee meeting
The 4th UNESCO-Listed Martial Arts Promotion Committee Meeting was held in Shiraz, Iran on Thursday evening, May 19, 2022, participated by the Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Governor-general of Fars Province and 25 foreign guests and representatives from South Korea, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Indonesia, Azerbaijan and Iraq.
At the meeting, the message of Dr. Mohsen Esmaeily fard, Executive Director of ECO Cultural Institute was presented by Shah Mansour Shah Mirza, an expert of the Institute.
The message reads as follows: "ECO Cultural Institute has always been diligent and pioneering in the promotion of sports, and the key goal of this international, regional institute has been strengthening and deepening the relations between nations and the acquaintance of the people of this land with each other. To this end, ECI has made all-out efforts, holding the ECO Chess Cup in September 2014 is an important instance in this regard.
In the past, the people of the region have always considered sports as a symbol of pious and noble human beings and have tied the tradition of heroism with good manners and morals. "the icon of this sport is Pahlavon Mahmud known as Pourya-ye Vali."
 The closing ceremony was held at the Shahid Dastgheib Stadium in Shiraz, where athletes performed martial arts inscribed in UNESCO.
Thanks to the International Federation of Zurkhaneh Sports, such Sports and Wrestling, has been promoted in 85 countries.




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