April 15, the birth anniversary of Sadriddin Aini, the founder of modern Tajik literature

April 15, the birth anniversary of Sadriddin Aini, the founder of modern Tajik literature
Sadriddin Aini (1878-1954) was a poet, writer, historian, translator, scholar and one of the political figures and the founder of modern Tajik literature. After studying in the madrasa of Bukhara and being educated by Sharif Jan Makhdoom Sadr Zia, the judge of Bukhara, and Ahmad Danesh, a renowned intellectual, he taught for a while and then began to write and compile many valuable literary works.
Aini was one of the pioneers of modern press and journalism and compiled the first contemporary Tajik encyclopedia. He published articles and essays in Persian-Tajik publications. He was the author of the first instructional texts for new religious schools were written by him. He penned the history of the last dynasty of Bukhara, Amiran Manghatiyeh, and the earliest stories and novels in modern Tajik literature, including "Adine", the novel "Dahonde", the novel "Ghalaman", "Old School", "Death of Profiteer", "Orphan" and "Notes" (in 4 volumes).
Aini excelled in research and literary criticism, and his papers on the lives and works of Roudaki, Ferdowsi, Saadi, Ibn Sina, Bidel, Navai, Wasfi, Kamal Khojandi and the like have a high level of scholarly value. Aini has also played an important role in correcting texts, including “Boostan Saadi”, “Divan Wasfi” and also some works of Bidel. Literature" is one of his most significant works and was instrumental in the founding of the Republic of Tajikistan.
This book was published in Moscow in 1926, and introduced the authorities of the Soviet Union, to the history, civilization and literature of Tajiks.
His works include 15 volumes in Tajik-Farsi and 8 volumes in Uzbek which have been published in Dushanbe and Tashkent. More than one million copies of his other works have also been translated and released in other languages.
Some of his works, such as " Yoddoshtho "(Memoirs), " Marg-I Sudkhor", (Death of a Money Lender)," Bukhara: Reminiscences", Pages From My Own Story: Memoirs and "Gholaman"(Slaves) have also been published in Iran. After reading Ayni's writings, renowned Iranian scholar Professor Saeed Nafisi referred to him as "Allama," while Dr. Mohammad Reza Shafiei Kodkani referred to him as "Bal'ami Zaman." (Bal'ami of the time)
Aini served as the first director of the Tajik Academy of Sciences and provided incredibly beneficial services in educating upcoming scientists and authors. He is also the national hero of Tajikistan and a well-known writer in the ECO region. The ECO Cultural Institute marks his birth anniversary.
The deceased Loiq Sherali, the great Tajik poet, says about Aini:

Such a wanderer of the world,

Such is the world of free souls.

Greats are kept alive by greats,

Greats are supported by other greats.



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