Joint exhibition of Uzbekistan and Iran about Timurid period architecture

Joint exhibition of Uzbekistan and Iran about Timurid period architecture
State Museum of History of Uzbekistan hosted the opening ceremony of the First Exhibition “Photographs of architectural monuments of the Timurid era in Khorasan”, organized jointly with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Uzbekistan.
During the Timurid era, not only in Central Asia, but also in Khorasan, the development of art and architecture was at a high level. The exhibition is dedicated to the large-scale creative work carried out by the Timurids on the territory of Khorasan. The photographs reflect the socio-economic life in the Timurid era, people's way of life, and the atmosphere of that time. The ceramic dishes presented at the exhibition, related to Iranian folk and applied art of the Timurid era, also testify to the region's unique charm. The architectural structures, historical and natural monuments of Iran, and artifacts captured in about 40 photographs are in harmony with the nature of Uzbekistan and are similar to the architectural monuments of Uzbekistan.
 The exhibition presents creative works by famous Iranian photographers Reza Ebrahim Nia and Mohammad Reza Pahlavan. In particular, their works reflect examples of architecture and art of the Timurid era in Mashhad, Nishapur, Torbet-e Jam, and other cities of Iran.



Sep 21, 2023 15:31
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