Message of the President of ECOECI to the "Hafez commemoration conference":

Hafez's Poems Belongs to the Whole Universe

Hafez's Poems Belongs to the Whole Universe
Dr. Saad Khan, the President of ECO Cultural Institute, in a message to the "Hafez Shirazi Commemoration Conference" that was held on, October 11, by the the Convergence Association of Iranian Civilization Heritage, in the Ferdowsi Hall of the House of Humanities Thinkers, with the presence of Persian language professors from various universities and a large crowd who love Hafez and research about his poets.
According to the information base of ECO Cultural Institute, Dr. Saad Khan sent a message and congratulated Hafez's birthday and said: ECO region is the cradle of the oldest human civilization and has cultivated the great elites of the world, who have been torchbearers of the way of human cultural progress with their proud and valuable heritage and also have spread the unity and convergence of the regionalized nations and new horizons in the world peace and security environment with its original oriental teachings  and have become the axis of unity and convergence of the nations of the region
The head of the cultural institution further enumerated the secret of Hafez's immortality, his magnificent mind and language, his wonderful thought and art, and added: In the rainbow of Hafez's poetry, words and meaning are at the top, along with form and content, and the magnificent themes of peace and friendship, awakening and Anti-neglect, in the most concise and sweet verses, has reached the ears of the world.
In the end, Dr. Saad Khan pointed out the importance of Hafez's fame in the world and the development of different dimensions of his thoughts and said: This elite in Persian literature is the historical memory of the ECO nations, which was never limited to a specific time and place and Belongs to the Whole Universe
The message of the president of ECOECI was read by the representative of this institution, and in the continuation, Dr. Nader Karimian Sardashti, the chairman of the board of directors of the Convergence Association of Iranian Civilization Heritage, and the secretary of the conference; Dr. Daryoosh Farhood, a researcher; Dr. Habib Naboi, university professor; Dr. Ehsanollah Shokrollahi, researcher in Islamic Council Documents Center; Dr. Nowshad Rokni, librarian of Malek National Library and Museum; Dr. Maryam Rad, researcher and literary researcher, gave lectures on various topics, including Hafez's worldview and philosophy, recognition of exquisite manuscripts, different versions of Divan Hafez and relevant documents, the impact of the social content of Hafez's poems on people's lives, etc.
It should be mentioned that during of the conference, a group of poets recited poems and the musicians performed Hafez's mystical pieces.



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