ECI Showcases Ankara's Historical Photos in Celebration of Türkiye's Republic Centennial

ECI Showcases Ankara's Historical Photos in Celebration of Türkiye's Republic Centennial
"ECO Cultural Institute" in collaboration with "Yunus Emre Enstitüsü" of Tehran opened an exhibition of historical photos of Turkiye on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of this republic on October 29.
This exhibition was opened at the gallery of ECI. In this ceremony, the officials of ECO Cultural Institute, the honorable ambassador of the Republic of Turkiye, Dr. Hicabi Kırlangıç, Ali Özgündüz, member of the supervisory board of "Yunus Emre Enstitüsü", Dr. Hüseyin Avni Bıçaklı, Deputy Secretary General of ECO, Mr. Muzaffar Muhammadi, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan and Mr. Ebrahim Furkan, the head of "Yunus Emre Enstitüsü", along with some diplomats of ECO member countries were presented.
The opening speaker of the program was Salman Rostami on behalf of ECO Cultural Institute. In his speech, he mentioned the duties and missions of the ECI as an international cultural institution, which is responsible for maintaining and expanding the ecoregion's common rituals and strengthening its culture, art, and literature. The representative of the ECO Cultural Institute continued to discuss the dominant view in the ECI, which does not only include interaction and cooperation with the member countries, but is based on the long-standing kinship that has existed among the people and nations of the ECO region for years.
The next speaker of the program was Mr. Ali Özgündüz. Member of the Supervisory Council of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü, referring to the tragedy of the killing of the defenseless people of Gaza, emphasized the need to stop these attacks as soon as possible. He developed the cultural approaches of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü in Iran and called for the continuation and development of the activities. Regarding Yunus Amre's new approach, he said: This institution had the opportunity to display the historical photos of Ankara that we obtained from Anadolu Agency, especially the photos of important buildings built during the first period of the Republic. And this means that the Republic of Turkiye is on its way to progress.
The next speech was the ambassador of the Republic of Turkiye in Tehran, Dr. Hicabi Kırlangıç. While expressing his satisfaction with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkiye, he strongly condemned the killing of the defenseless people of Gaza. Kırlangıç also considered the opening of the photo exhibition by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü in Tehran as very meaningful and said: We will see an exhibition consisting of Ankara photos, which are among the first buildings built in the first years of the republic. and this reminds us of the starting point of the republic.
He added: Our duty is to lead this country forward with great strength. We are entering our 100th anniversary and this means we are experiencing the new century of Turkiye.
In the following, the "Istgah" orchestral musical group performed its program. The beautiful pieces that were performed included great works of Turkish and Iranian wordless music.
At the end of the program, all the guests visited the photo exhibition of the Republic of Turkiye. It is necessary to explain that gifts were presented by the ambassador of the Republic of Turkiye to the ECO Cultural Institute and the conductor of the station's music group.




Oct 25, 2023 10:39
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