Pakistani Celebrities Continue to Stand Firmly with Palestine:

Keep Going Until They're Free

Keep Going Until They're Free
Tribune: the world seems to be divided between those who support the oppressor and those who stand resolutely with the oppressed. Many have called for an end to the occupation, with global protests doubling as a testament to the turning tide. Many Pakistani celebrities have been vocal about the Israeli barbarity. In doing so, these figures with large platforms have been able to participate in becoming catalysts of change. 
Speaking to The Express Tribune, Pakistani film and television star Ushna Shah explains: "It's turning my whole life upside down. I can't sleep. Kids are orphaned, kids are dying, and I've never seen so many kids killed and injured, especially dead kids," she added.
Pakistani-Canadian actress Armeena Khan says: The West operates in a selfish and self-obsessed echo chamber.. The world instinctively understands Palestine, as it has understood the oppressed lives of black people. Singer Hasan Raheem also believes that the voice raised against the apartheid state of Israel is universal.
The images and videos that are published from Palestine have shocked everyone. It has not been easy to visualize the atrocities of a fierce one-sided war. However, sharing the same theme has been key in portraying the extent of Israeli brutality. Yasir Hussain, a Pakistani screenwriter, actor, playwright, and presenter, responded to a question about the same issue: "Whenever a Muslim or a human dies anywhere in the world, one is saddened. The way Palestinians have been pushed against a wall for years, it has always been sad." But the key to the positions of Pakistani artists and people of culture are these words of Oshna Shah: "Keep talking, keep sharing, keep posting, put pressure on your governments, keep boycotting, keep shouting." Keep marching, just keep going. Continue until they are released."
Nov 2, 2023 11:46
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