Turkish poets call for 'global intifada' for Palestine

Turkish poets call for 'global intifada' for Palestine
A group of Turkish poets has issued a call for a "Global Intifada" for Palestine and "seeks to appeal to global public opinion on Gaza" through writings in different languages.
The Call from Türkiye Poets Initiative is backed by 140 poets, who signed a petition expressing concern over the ongoing attacks on Gaza by Israel, rejecting the portrayal of the current conflict as a war, and labeling it as "one of the most tragic plans for annihilation in human history."
The poets called on the "entire humanity" to put an immediate end to Israel’s "massacres and acts of aggression it has been carrying out on a regular basis since 1948, which has reached a peak in the ongoing massacre in Gaza." “Women, the elderly, and children are fading away not only in front of our eyes but right within our eyes!” they said, adding: "We shall never stop shouting that with each death, humanity is killed as well."
The petition, titled "We will continue to shout that humanity dies in every person who dies," has been translated into more than 20 languages.




Nov 21, 2023 09:59
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