ECO Cultural Institute President Meets Tajik Ambassador: Forging Cultural Bonds

ECO Cultural Institute President Meets Tajik Ambassador: Forging Cultural Bonds
In a significant diplomatic encounter, H.E. Dr. Saad S. Khan, President of the ECO Cultural Institute (ECOCI), engaged in a productive dialogue with H.E. Dr. Nizommiddin Zohidi, the Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to the Islamic Republic of Iran. the meeting took place on November 28, 2023, at the Tajik Embassy in Tehran, which marked a new beginning in cultural cooperation between the two sides.
Dr. Khan eloquently outlined the ECOCI’s multifaceted mission during his tenure. The Institute aims to foster cultural exchange, preserve heritage, and promote artistic collaboration across the ten ECO member states. With unwavering commitment, ECOCI seeks to establish itself as a central hub for cultural initiatives within the region.
The ECOCI President expressed his eagerness to strengthen ties with Tajikistan. He revealed plans for an official visit by the ECOCI President to Tajikistan, where high-level discussions with relevant authorities and dignitaries will unfold. Additionally, ECOCI aims to explore the rich cultural landscape of Tajikistan by engaging with its leading cultural institutes.
A groundbreaking proposal emerged from the meeting—an international military music festival. ECOCI envisions a harmonious convergence of military bands from ECO member states, including Tajikistan. This celebration of rhythm and unity promises to resonate across borders.
Dr. Khan also unveiled an inspiring initiative—the ECO Youth Award. This first-ever accolade will recognize exceptional young talents aged 18 to 30 who have made significant contributions in research projects, arts, culture, sports, and more. The award, presented annually, underscores ECOCI’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of cultural leaders. He emphasized the importance of publicity for the ECO Youth Award, seeking support from Tajikistan and other ECO member states.
The ECOCI President added that ECOCI extends an open invitation to all ECO member states, including Tajikistan. The Institute warmly welcomes proposals for hosting cultural and national events within its facilities. By providing a platform for artistic expression, ECOCI aims to amplify cultural voices and foster understanding.
Ambassador Zohidi warmly congratulated Dr. Khan on assuming the ECOCI presidency. He extended best wishes for Dr. Khan’s success in this pivotal role and wholeheartedly endorsed ECOCI’s initiatives. His country stands firmly behind the Institute’s endeavors. Furthermore, he welcomed the prospect of ECOCI engaging with Tajik authorities, assuring seamless arrangements for future interactions. 



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