41st ECI-CPR meeting discusses cultural collaboration

41st ECI-CPR meeting discusses cultural collaboration
There is a need to enhance cultural cooperation amongst the member states—this was the consensus in the 41st meeting of the Council of Permanent Representatives of ECO Cultural Institute (ECI-CPR) held at the Institute's Headquarters, in Tehran yesterday. The council consisting of ambassadors and representatives of the ECI’s member states discussed the current issues facing the organization and upcoming activities of the Institute.
The Council meeting was chaired by Seyed Jalaledin Alavi Sabzevari, Director General of Multilateral and International Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hyseyin Avni Bicakli , Deputy Secretary General  of the ECO, and the delegates of  the member states. The chair and the member states extended their felicitation to His Excellency Saad S. Khan for assuming the Presidentship of the august institution. In the customary report of activities presented to the Council, the President explained the achievements of the Institute and submitted ten proposals for reform of the Organization.




Jan 10, 2024 09:22
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