The message of Dr. Saad S. Khan, President of ECI, on the occasion of;

International Women's Day on March 8

International Women's Day on March 8
On the occasion of the International Women Day, I take this opportunity to congratulate all women all over the world, and especially our womenfolk in the ECO member states.
The ECO region has been the center of many of the world’s greatest civilizations and women, no less than men, have contributed throughout the history in building these civilizations.
Islam, the dominant religion in the ECO member states, has given due importance on the role and rights of women and so have other religions, traditions and cultures within the ECO region. While the role of women in human procreation cannot be underestimated, nor their pivotal status as the nucleus of a family; it is also true that the women have been making their mark as rulers, as Queens and Empresses, as writers, as artists, as singers, as poetesses, as sportswomen, as educationists, as scientists, as doctors, as engineers, or for that matter, each and every walk of life in all the ECO member countries.
In not-too-distant past, both Pakistan and Turkiye had women as Prime Ministers while today the positions of First Vice President of Azerbaijan and one of the Vice Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran, are also held by women. However, we must also recognize that women still have a way to go to get their full rights as enshrined in our religions and our traditions. Here, the brave women of Afghanistan merit a special mention.
I take this opportunity to congratulate not only the women, but also all men, on the occasion of International Women's Day, 2024. I conclude my message by saying to the women “We are proud of you!”




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